Together, we can help empower youth to share their creativity and promote the exploration of innovative ideas!

Our Programs

Develop. Give Back. Grow.
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We will organize volunteer activities that encourage children to share their passions, special skills and talents within their communities. In so doing, they will gain invaluable leadership and presentation experience, while reinforcing the importance of giving back and helping others.

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We will foster learning and creativity in our community through educational workshops designed to promote skill-building in a fun and family-friendly environment. Our workshops will also focus on the design thinking process, helping kids solve problems and share their creativity.

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Idea Challenge

With the Idea Challenge, we provide elementary school children the chance to receive funding in support of their creative or innovative ideas. Our Idea Challenge mini-grants feature multiple opportunities for kids to work either individually or in a group or class to better their school or community.

About Us

Empower youth to share their creativity and promote the exploration of innovative ideas!
The Clever Kids Foundation

The Clever Kids Foundation is a Baltimore-based 501(c)(3) charitable organization whose mission is to nurture and support elementary-aged students in their creativity and exploration of innovative ideas. Whether a child has demonstrated an exceptionally creative spirit or an artistic or literary talent, we seek to ensure that students are rewarded for their efforts, incentivized to continue to expand their creativity, and not hindered by financial boundaries.

Our Team

Formed in Baltimore, Maryland and Inspired by Our Kid's Imagination

David Baron

Co-Founder and Dad to 3 Amazing Girls
David is passionate about bringing creativity & innovation to support people & organizations. Most importantly, a devoted husband & Daddy of 3 awesome kids! (ツ)

Stephanie Baron

Co-Founder and Mom of 3 Amazing Girls
Stephanie is as left-brained as they come but is passionate about her family and supportive of their multiple creative endeavors.

Jessie Krupkin

Co-Founder and Mom of 2 Incredible Boys
Jessie expresses her creativity in multiple ways from monster tooth fairy pillows and cookie jars to outrageous and incredible cakes; her talents bring inspiration to her family.

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