2016 September Letter to Friends and Family



Dear Friends and Family:

As some of you know, this summer our family has started a non-profit called The Clever Kids Foundation (CKF), with a mission of fostering creativity and innovation in elementary-school aged children, enabling them to share their talents and brighten the lives of people in the community. 

After watching our own kids, and many of yours, and observing their creations and ideas, uninhibited by the fear of failure or rejection, we saw an opportunity to engage kids and to help empower them to share their creativity and promote the exploration of innovative ideas.  In so doing, the children will enhance their creativity, confidence, and critical thinking skills and forge stronger connections with our community.

At this stage, CKF is focused on three different types of programming:

  1. Mini-Grants – we will award mini grants to students who submit creative project ideas, which will help enable those ideas to come to fruition.  We are kicking this program off at our children’s school, Fort Garrison Elementary, but we are hoping to expand it to other schools, especially in Baltimore City, in the coming months and years and have begun a process to partner and make this happen.
  2. Volunteering – we are working in partnership with the Jewish Volunteer Connection and others to create volunteer opportunities that will allow children to present and share their creativity with others.  We have kicked off this programming with events at local nursing homes and assisted living facilities, and expect to expand these events in the coming months.
  3. Educational Workshops – we are coordinating fun educational workshops to inspire kids to explore different creative projects and opportunities.  Some of these workshops will be for the benefit of a charity or cause.  We have planned sessions on exploring science, creative writing, and cooking, and expect to have more events this year. 

We could not do this without the love and support of our friends and family, and wanted to share this information with you officially.  We would love your involvement, either by helping your kids apply for a mini-grant, participating in a volunteer event or educational workshop, and of course by considering a tax-deductible donation to the foundation.  

We hope you’ll take some time to view our website: www.cleverkidsfoundation.org, where you can find additional information about all of these opportunities.  We will also keep you posted on events as we get them calendared, so please Like us and follow us on our Facebook page link


Thanks to everyone who has already supported us in this journey and we welcome your feedback or suggestions – looking forward to inspiring many Clever Kids!

Much Love,

David, Stephanie and Jessie