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Do you know that proud feeling you get when you create something?

CleverKids-Logo-transparentBGDo you remember how excited you got as a child when you drew or painted a picture? How about the even greater joy when you gave that artwork to your teacher or parents, and they commended your creation?

The Clever Kids Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in Baltimore, Maryland, working to empower youth to share their creativity and promote the exploration of innovative ideas!

Our Mission

The Clever Kids Foundation is a Baltimore-based 501(c)(3) charitable organization whose mission is to nurture and support elementary-aged students in their creativity and exploration of innovative ideas.  Whether a child has demonstrated an exceptionally creative spirit or an artistic or literary talent, we seek to ensure that students are rewarded for their efforts, incentivized to continue to expand their creativity, and not hindered by financial boundaries.

To achieve our Mission, the Clever Kids Foundation will design and implement student contests that recognize exceptional creativity and award direct funding grants for artistic or other community-driven activities that support our Mission.  We will also provide volunteer opportunities for students to showcase their talents and share their creations with the community.  Finally, we will sponsor workshops and educational activities for students and their families to encourage creativity and learning.  The goal of all our activities is to empower youth to share their creativity and promote the exploration of innovative ideas.

Each year, thanks to the support of our generous donors, more elementary schools and students will have the opportunity to participate in our programming that will allow kids to:

  • Develop skills!
  • Build self-confidence!
  • Convey ideas creatively!
  • Engage in team-building exercises!
  • Explore new learning opportunities!
  • Raise funds for participating Schools or communities!
  • Have fun!

Thank you for your support and generosity!
-David and Stephanie Baron, Co-Founders

Together, we can help nurture kids with exceptional creative, artistic and literary talent to experience success and reach their full potential.

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