Our Programs

Each year, with your support, more elementary schools and students will have the chance to participate in our programming, which will allow children to:

  • Express themselves creatively!
  • Develop presentation skills!
  • Encourage craftsmanship!
  • Learn to work collaboratively in a team!
  • Build self-confidence!
  • Convey ideas creatively!
  • Explore new learning opportunities!
  • Raise funds for their participating School, charitable organization or community.
  • Have fun!

For more information click on the following links to learn more about our Idea Challenge, Volunteering and Education programs.

What we’ll achieve though our programs:

  • We’ll help students develop their creative capabilities and provide an outlet for creativity.
  • We’ll promote happiness and well-being through exploration and expression.
  • We’ll invest in students who might otherwise be hindered by financial boundaries.
  • We’ll build a sense of community and present opportunities for teamwork.

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